We offer high quality advice and support on welfare benefits and financial assessments for social care. We provide a highly professional and well respected benefits review service as well as introductory training for advisers and support workers. With nearly twenty years experience in the benefits and social care sectors, we can answer all of your questions and provide the detailed advice you need. We make the complex easy to understand.

Benefits Review service

Our benefits review service is a comprehensive check of your client’s entitlements to all welfare benefits. As a result of our check, professional deputies and legal appointees can ensure they get the money their clients need. The review provides a detailed analysis of your client’s potential benefits. We look at how their income and savings might impact upon their expected entitlements. Further, we explain what you need to do to claim the relevant benefits and give you an estimate of how much we think they are entitled to. See our Benefit Review section for more details.


We offer online training on welfare benefits and social care financial assessments. Our experience with training and on the frontline of benefits administration means we can guide you and your team through the complicated world of assessments and entitlements with clarity and focus. Because of this expertise, we can ensure our courses are interactive and provide you with opportunity for you and your team to ask questions and get the answers you need. Sessions are recorded for future use and come with 12 months email support for each delegate. See our Training section for more details.

Dan Rust is our first port of call when it comes to navigating changes to the benefits system. Want to know what the changes mean to a variety of people? Dan is your man.

Miles Brignall
The Guardian